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Applewood Splits

From Pennsylvania Orchards to your Backyard. This Limited Edition line of Tiny Timbers is sure to delight any Fire Enthusiast. Applewood burns exceptionally HOT with a distinct fruity Aroma. There is nothing like it available in the realm of mini firewood. These splits can also be used for flavor on the BBQ grill, or to provide high heat and subtle fruit flavor in a wood-fired Pizza Oven. Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind burn with Applewood Splits.

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Product description

  • True Tiny Timbers – at 5” long, these are the perfect Tiny Timbers for Solo Stove Mesa, Portable Pizza Ovens, and BBQ Grills.
  • Authentic Natural Aroma – not made with sawdust, bark or twigs – this is genuine hardwood from a tree. The aroma of dense, dry and natural hardwood makes for an authentic fireside experience.
  • Maximum Value – each hand packed bag is overfilled with wood to ensure you receive the maximum amount that can fit in a package.
  • Heat Treated and Kiln Dried – Kiln dried hardwood burns clean and emits less smoke than wood that has not properly dried. The Sawed After Kiln reaches temperatures of 200+ degrees, ensuring that bugs and moisture are eliminated from the wood. This allows you to store the wood inside a home without the concern of insects or mold.
  • Sustainable Practices – Incoming logs are sourced from sustainably managed forests. Electric tools and bio-friendly lubricants are used throughout production. Packaging is constructed from paper and fabric materials. Every bit of waste generated from production is then used to fuel our kiln furnace. The hardwood ashes from the kiln furnace are spread in farm fields as a natural fertilizer.
  • Reusable Cotton Bag – the TinyTimber tote is made of cotton and hand stamped with a bio-friendly ink. The bags can be washed and reused for any number of purposes; we find they make great produce bags, planting pots, or firestarters for your next big fire.

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