Sawed After


Introducing Sawed After, Orchards Blend – a premium Pennsylvania gourmet wood blend of Cherry, Peach, and Apple wood splits that will elevate your culinary skill and experience to new heights. Carefully selected and blended for optimal flavor, the Orchard’s Blend wood splits offer a unique and delicious combination of fruity and smoky flavors, that will infuse your food with a rich and complex smoky flavor profile.
  • 5-6” long thick-splits – perfect size for smoker grills. Split thick for a long-lasting aromatic burn.
  • Splits require less management for heat control kiln crafted and split-thick for optimal burn

Four Wood Feast

Fusion Harvest Blend

Introducing Sawed After – Quad Smoke Premium Pennsylvania Gourmet Wood Blend. This premium wood blend consists of four types of wood splits: Cherry, Oak, Apple, and Hickory, carefully selected and blended to deliver a unique and complex smoke flavor profile. Cherry wood brings a mild, fruity aroma and a slightly sweet flavor to the mix, while Oak wood provides a classic, smoky flavor that is well-balanced and versatile. Apple wood imparts a subtle, fruity sweetness and a delicate smoky aroma, making it perfect for lighter meats such as poultry or fish. Finally, Hickory wood adds a bold, hearty flavor with a hint of sweetness, this wood blend is ideal for beef and pork. Pairs wonderfully with vegetables as well!

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